Meet the team behind your translation projects

At AST we like to hire people who are not only well educated but are also keen to travel and experience cultures and languages at a deeper level. Those qualities play an important role in both the service and translation quality we provide as a company.

Meet the intelligent individuals who are here to support you every step of the way.

Our Office Team


Annabel Jepson

Project Management Team Lead

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Tina Cook

Project Manager

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Samuel Lakin

Project Manager

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Andrew Schlich

Founder & Managing Director

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Outi Tolppa

Translator Resources Manager

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Michelle Ho

Accounts Supervisor

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IT Support


Giovanni Besla

IT Support and Development

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Translators INTO English

Our Nottingham based in-house linguists are behind your INTO English translation projects. How they got into translation, their academic achievements and industry specializations are among a few things you can learn about them.


Translators FROM English

For any project that requires translation from English you can rest assured our network of 500+ world freelance translators can handle a wide variety of subject-specialisms and language combinations.

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