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Multilingual Desktop Publishing


When could you need Multilingual DTP?

The visual impact of your translated materials needs to be retained across all your different language versions, but text or layout errors will soon undermine even the strongest brand and messaging.

Our desktop publishing (DTP) service will faithfully retain your rich original layouts, artworks and page designs across multiple language versions including non-Roman character sets and right-to-left languages. Document examples include:

  • Technical manuals
  • Product labels or catalogues
  • Brochures
  • Marketing leaflets or billboards
  • Online visual campaigns
  • Tradeshow displays


Why AST?

Our in-house multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) specialists know their way around right-to-left scripts, extended characters and text expansion/contraction and will reproduce your documents and artworks in the required languages with meticulous attention to detail. We have the technical understanding to work with a broad range of file formats while we carry out careful Quality Assurance (QA) checks as standard before sign-off and delivery.

We can also support your design studio by setting up QA workflows so that linguistic problems caused by incorrect character encoding are highlighted at an early stage and rounds of amends are reduced to a minimum.


We support all common Desktop Publishing and artwork design software including:




Our process


One of our project managers will check your files and instructions and will email you back with a quote.


Once we’ve received your go ahead, a translator with expertise in your industry will be assigned the translation. He/she will then spend time familiarising themselves with your company’s communication guidelines and tone of voice, so please make sure you provide us with any style guides or glossaries you may have.


Once translation is completed and proofread, a DTP specialist will be assigned to your project. The specialist will make sure the layout of the translated version of your content is retained and the files are correctly formatted for output to PDF or print.


Last but not least comes the important step of printproofing. A print-proofer will make sure any right-to-left scripts, extended characters or text expansion/contraction are as they’re supposed to be before you receive the print-ready file.

If you have a project you’d like to get a quote for, we’d be happy to hear from you

Our customers value us and we appreciate your feedback.


Jill Bennett
I was really impressed with AST Language Services. They were extremely quick to respond, the information and quote they provided was very clearly laid out, and the turnaround of the work was far quicker than I expected. I would not hesitate to use them again.


Newson Gale Ltd
Excellent customer service and fast turnaround of translations. For every job you are kept up to date with delivery times and the portal is a great asset to easily upload and control documents for each project.


George Schlich
We have been using AST for several years now, and are completely happy with the translations and the timings and costs.

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