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Document translation refers to the translation of any form of document, whether it’s a tangible business document such as a report or manual, or online media like webpages or emails.

For the last 20 years, we have been providing document translation to leading UK and international companies from a broad range of industries. Our focus is on identifying what the translation requirements of your document are, whether they be sector knowledge, business tone or culturally-adapted language and assigning you the most suitable translator, proofreader and project manager.

The challenges of multilingual term management

The words you use to describe your products, services and processes support your corporate brand and identity in your market-place. This is equally true in your foreign-language communications. However, once you start translating your key terms into one or more foreign languages, it is very easy to lose control of the foreign-language terms used, leading at best to inconsistency, and at worst to potentially serious misunderstandings.


1. We can manage your foreign-language terminology for you:

  • We maintain updated client glossaries in multiple languages
  • Glossaries are re-used and added to each time we do a new document translation
  • Terminology is checked by industry experts
  • Time savings gained as a result of efficient terminology management can save you money
  • Client glossaries can be linked to our translation memory software, which then flags your approved terms to help orient our translators

2. We use Translation Memory to increase consistency and save you costs:

Important or client-facing documents produced periodically often contain a mixture of sections which stay the same and sections which need updating. Similarly, company websites, technical manuals or HR documentation can contain identical paragraphs and sections which only need to be translated once.

AST uses the benefits of translation memory technology to identify duplicate text or text that has been previously translated.

You can learn more about the software technology and tools we use in the technology section of our website

What’s next?

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Our customers value us and we appreciate your feedback.


Jill Bennett
I was really impressed with AST Language Services. They were extremely quick to respond, the information and quote they provided was very clearly laid out, and the turnaround of the work was far quicker than I expected. I would not hesitate to use them again.


Newson Gale Ltd
Excellent customer service and fast turnaround of translations. For every job you are kept up to date with delivery times and the portal is a great asset to easily upload and control documents for each project.


George Schlich
We have been using AST for several years now, and are completely happy with the translations and the timings and costs.


Translation memory & Term management

Just like other industries, we’re benefiting from the continuing advances in technology. CAT tools and translation memories (TMs) when used effectively can reduce cost and turnaround times as well as improving text quality and consistency.

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