Webshop Application & CMS

Translation of webshop application and CMS into German for Rise Art


The Client

Rise Art is an online marketplace for hundreds of emerging and established contemporary artists, giving them a way to reach collectors and first-time art buyers alike.

Visitors discover contemporary artists from around the world. They can browse thousands of unique artworks learning more about the artists and their latest artworks, read up on artists’ backgrounds and view photos posted from their studios. Potential buyers browse the work of contemporary artists with complete peace of mind thanks to the site’s free art advisory and 14 day returns policy.


Project and method

The client required translation of their entire webshop application and CMS into German, including artwork and artist categories, artist profiles, Blog articles and related headings, navigation and application strings.

Using our CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) software the overall wordcount was calculated at around 650,000 words. However it was clear that there was a lot of repetitive text including duplicate wordings for artwork categories, artist profiles and the more formulaic parts of the application. The CMS also contained numerous non-translatable attributes. This content needed to be tagged and locked out to minimise the chargeable word count to the client. Suitable structured data formats were considered with a view to optimising this tagging process, and finally JSON format was selected over XML due to its simple formatting and ease of parsing.

With such a high volume of words for translation the client needed to be confident we had looked at all possible efficiencies achievable using modern translation technology. After discussions with the client, different translation workflows were proposed based on the different types of CMS content. In line with client priorities, high visibility areas of text designed to improve the customer experience and help support the buying decision were human translated and proofread, whereas less customer-critical content such as background information on artworks was machine translated and post-edited. With the cost of MT post-editing up to 50% lower than full human translation and proofreading, the client’s available budget could be weighted in favour of investment in top-quality professional translation where it really mattered.


The Rise Art site is now available in a completely stand-alone German language version. German traffic and SEO visibility has increased exponentially by over 10x since the launch of the German language website.

" Working with AST was extremely easy. We are very happy with the whole process and the quality of the work delivered. They were responsive and accommodating to our needs and budgets and delivered the entire project on time. We are looking forward to continue working together as we launch more languages on riseart.com "

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