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Retail packaging translation for Jackson Reece


The client

Based in Northern Ireland, Jackson Reece have been caring for babies’ skin since 2003.

After years of exhaustive research the company successfully designed unique biodegradable cleansing wipes and toiletries containing only natural and plant derived ingredients. This means all their products can be used on even the most sensitive skin, including eczema-prone, and they don’t harm the environment.

They also developed a high-quality biodegradable cloth made from natural wood pulp, and created gentle organic formulas that included soothing Aloe Vera, Ylang Ylang and vegetable extracts. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Parents have been pleased to find wipes which are gentle on their babies’ sensitive skin, and the company has won numerous gold-standard awards from organisations like Mother & Baby.

Translation of retail packaging for Jackson Reece

The projects

AST has assisted Jackson Reece with translating the retail packaging for their main range of retail products. The client needed translation of different English source texts per required language due to market and regulatory differences. For example, specific wordings were required in Canadian French for compliance with packaging regulations for the Canadian State of Quebec. With the Arabic versions the client’s UK-based design team anticipated problems with artwork layouting due to the right-to-left Arabic text flow. AST provided high-resolution scans of the Arabic texts showing the correct positioning of words and line breaks.

Client products:

  • Kinder by Nature plant-based and water-based retail packs x56 units
  • Kinder by Nature retail carton 12×56 units
  • Mucky Mitts hand spray retail card
  • Nose nuzzles retail pack x20

Translation workflows: Ingredients list translation > independent proofreading > desktop publishing >  printproofing; mid-project updates > desktop publishing > printproofing

Languages required: Arabic, Spanish, European French, Canadian French and Hindi versions

Turnaround times: 1-3 days

" The team at AST Language Services are extremely efficient at delivering accurate translation of a wide range of languages. I urgently needed translation of Spanish, Arabic and Canadian French text for a project. Highly recommend AST Language Services. Professional and fabulous to work with! "

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