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AST opens new Oxford office

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AST opens regional office in Oxford

We’re delighted to announce we’ve opened an office in Oxford, UK. The new office is a base for supporting our existing clients in the southern half of the UK with our professional translation services, and also provides a geographical focus for our business development activities in the Thames Valley region.

Oxford has a unique heritage of academia combined with industry. Oxford University’s oldest colleges were founded in the 13th century, and the University has been ranked first in the world in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings the last five years running. It’s the location of our client BMW’s UK manufacturing plant where the iconic MINI and MINI Electric are produced. And as the world emerges tenuously from the Covid pandemic we should salute the winning partnership between the Oxford Jenner Institute and Astra Zeneca pharmaceuticals, which has helped to immunise millions of people worldwide from the Covid virus.


BMW Group Oxford plant

The BMW Group Oxford plant is where the modern MINI is manufactured. An Oxford landmark with 100 years of motor manufacturing history, it started life as Morris Motors Ltd a British privately owned motor vehicle manufacturing company formed in 1919 by William Morris, later Lord Nuffield. By 1926 its production represented 42 per cent of British car manufacture!

The famous British sports car marque MG also has its roots in Oxford. It was founded in the 1920s as a sales promotion sideline of Morris Garages, Lord Nuffield’s car sales and service centre in Oxford. MG modified standard production Morris Oxfords to produce open two-seater sports cars, adding MG Super Sports to the nose plate. Saloons and coupés with engines up to three litres were also produced at the Oxford factory.

In 1994 the facility was purchased by BWM Group who by the late 1990s had developed a state of the art automotive production technology centre. Production of the new MINI began in 2001 and since then more than 3 million cars have been produced including the MINI Electric. The factory currently builds over 1000 cars per day and is almost entirely carbon neutral, with solar panels supplying renewable energy spread across an area of 20,000 square meters.


Oxford Jenner Institute

The institute is named after the English physician and immunisation pioneer Edward Jenner (1749–1823), who was a major contributor to the development of the smallpox vaccine.

Oxford academic and vaccinologist Sarah Gilbert was one of the leading scientists involved in the development of the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine. She and her team were able to draw on their experience of developing the Ebola vaccine. Unlike the smallpox vaccine developed from cowpox, a similar but milder virus, the Ebola vaccine is an adenoviral-vectored vaccine, a different family of vaccines and not a deactivated version of Ebola.

Known as ChAd3, the Ebola vaccine is based on a modified adenovirus containing a snippet of genetic code taken from Ebola. The cells of vaccinated people become vaccine laboratories propagating harmless fragments of Ebola proteins. Their bodies are then primed to recognise and fight off the real Ebola virus.

The team at the Jenner institute transferred this concept to making a Covid-19 vaccine using an adenovirus and Covid DNA, and then devised processes to manufacture it at scale. Ultimately the 3 billion doses of Oxford vaccine that have now been administered worldwide are direct descendants of a jam jar-sized batch of raw material – 600 billion particles of virus – that Gilbert’s team grew in the laboratory.


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