Translation procurement shouldn’t be viewed as a chore but as a gateway to opportunity

Based in Nottingham, our geographical location is ideal for providing a UK-wide service and modern technology ensures that all our overseas clients – in Europe, the USA and the Far East – receive the attention you would traditionally associate with a local service provider.


Our process


Receiving your enquiry

We receive the client’s project details, process the source files using our specialist translation software where possible and send the client a quote with a cost breakdown and estimated turnaround time.


Going ahead with your order

When the quote is accepted, we place the project with highly educated translators who specialise in the subject of the texts involved and are native speakers of the required target languages. We make sure the linguists have any relevant reference material such as previous translations and glossaries to ensure consistency with the existing material.


Client-translator communication

The translator will invest time in getting familiar with any client-specific communication guidelines to make sure the translation adheres to the company’s tone of voice. If our linguists have any questions about the project along the way, we clarify these with the client to ensure the texts and wider context of the project are understood by those working on the texts.


Updating your terminology resources and delivering your project

When the project is finalised, we make sure any glossaries or translation memories are updated with new terminology from the project to ensure consistency and cost savings in similar texts in future and deliver the completed files to the client. It’s that simple!

Our Team

What makes AST different from other language service providers is both our quality certified office team and our international freelance translators network. Our people mission is to recruit and invest in well-educated and well-travelled individuals who can translate their expertise and experiences into high quality results.

Our Clients

Over the past 20 years we have worked with a vast number of successful industry leaders and innovators to help them communicate their message across their strategic international markets. We can transfer our experience with them to your translation projects.

Quality assurance

We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and the translation services standard ISO 17100:2015. View our quality policy for more information

Our general approach can be summarised as follows:

What we believe in

AST believes in the impact words can have on one’s life. The right words can generate thoughts, evoke emotions and inspire actions. To help industry leaders, innovators and visionaries reach global audiences we translate their vision in a language people will understand.

We always keep in mind the purpose of the content we are translating. We want your product descriptions to scream ‘BUY’, we want your accounting report to communicate your success to your colleagues or partners, we want international markets to understand and embrace the innovation and uniqueness of your products and services. How do we achieve this?

Being native speakers is not necessarily the recipe for success. However, genuine interest and dedication to our field is. It is as simple as that. We love languages which is why we walk around our offices having conversations in different languages or why we discuss the world of translating during our lunch breaks! It is why we have not stopped learning.

It is time for you to feel stress-free because you’ve found yourself a reliable and passionate translation partner who can inform and guide you through the process, but also advise you of the necessary steps required to achieve your company’s goals. AST is a translation company that wants to work with innovative and inspiring export companies that are looking, above all, for value.

If that sounds like you let us help you get started.

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