Translation of Tenders, Bids & Proposals

Translation of bids and tenders is a service that was designed to accommodate the needs of companies who, are looking to reach international and more promising clients by writing a bid to win a large project.

If you are a contractor who’s interested in responding to a tender abroad, industry leaders and academic research have argued that you will have to deal with a somewhat complicated process that might look something like that:

1. Scan the field and find the right tender that could bring more business in your strategic international market

2. Familiarise yourself with the tender’s evaluating criteria

3. Occasionally you’ll need to translate a tender invitation that’s not in the local language to make sure you have all information required

4. Create a clear response to an RFP, RFQ or RFI that’s not missing information and then translate it

5. Pass the due diligence stage

6. Manage time appropriately to provide the other end with additional information in case they request you to clarify any ambiguities

7. Monitor process and set up follow up communications to ensure high level of customer service and trustworthiness to close the deal

What translation services you might need for a tender?

To support you through the process we offer translation for:

  • RFP (request for proposal) and response to an RFP
  • RFQ (request for quotation) and response to an RFQ
  • RFI (request for information) and response to an RFI
  • Tenders and offers
  • Supporting documentation and appendices
  • Presentations
  • Due diligence material
  • Accounts
  • Communications such as email, letter, Skype or phone call

What’s the added value AST can offer?

Admittedly, from a simple search you’ll identify at least a few translation companies that can offer you translation of the aforementioned documents. What we do differently is that we have invested time in understanding the challenges you might face and developing translation services that will help you win the bid.

We understand the power words can have and how clear communication can make or break a deal which is why we choose a translator that specialises in your industry’s terminology. The translator will then take the time to become familiar with your company’s products or services and brand messaging. As a result the translation will adhere to your company’s tone of voice and communicate your strengths and USP.

We understand how challenging and time consuming this process can be for you. With this in mind we make sure to support you throughout the process by dedicating a project manager to your project. Then our project managers will familiarise themselves with the needs and requirements of your project. Above all, they will ensure the translation is ready when you need it whether it’s an official long response to an RFP, or a quick short email response to an additional enquiry the tenderer might have.

Would you like to discuss your project with one of our project managers today?