Legal & Patent Translations

Contracts, court rulings and legal opinions have to be legally water-tight whatever language they are written in. This requires special legal as well as linguistic expertise, which is why the majority of our legal translators have a legal qualification in addition to their professional translator credentials.

We provide legal translations to law firms, solicitors and patent & trade mark attorneys.

Typical legal document translations include:

  • Powers of Attorney for use overseas
  • Certifying copies of passport as true copies
  • Certifying documents for opening bank accounts
  • Adoption documents
  • Buying and selling of property abroad
  • Change of name declarations
  • Confirmation of single status to marry abroad
  • Affidavits for lost passports and share certificates
  • Authentication of documents for foreign courts
  • Setting up of companies abroad
  • Authentication of contracts
  • Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Preparation & Notarising of wills
  • Translation of patent claims and descriptions
  • Translation of patent litigation

We have also developed an extremely competitive translation & notarisation service for individuals and organisations requiring notarisation of translated official documents. For single documents or small batches of documents we charge a fixed fee of £100 + VAT.

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