Translation memory & term management


Just like other industries, we’re benefiting from the continuing advances in technology. CAT tools and translation memories (TMs) when used effectively can reduce cost and turnaround times as well as improving text quality and consistency.

How does Translation Memory (TM) work?

CAT (Computer Aided Translation) software is used to analyse and compare source language sentences across large documents, document sets or websites. The sentence content can also be compared with pre-existing translation databases (translation memories or TMs). The sentences contained in TM databases are always human translations and are not the same thing as Machine Translations (MT) which are translations automatically produced by computer software.

At the start of larger or on-going projects AST will carry out an analysis of your documents to tell you how much text is duplicated or has been previously translated.

  • Duplicate sentences are quoted and charged in full only once

  • Company wordings for products, processes, titles and descriptions are translated consistently

  • Turnaround times are reduced as translators do not have to re-translate every duplicate sentence or paragraph

  • Significant cost savings are possible depending on the amount of duplicate text across the relevant documents

Translation memory solutions we work with:

  • Trados Studio

  • Across Language Server

  • DejaVu

  • MemoQ

  • Transit NXT

  • and other well known applications

Terminology management

The words you use to describe your products, services and processes support your corporate brand and identity in your market-place. This is equally true in your foreign-language communications. However, once you start translating your key terms into one or more foreign languages, it is very easy to lose control of the foreign-language terms used, leading at best to inconsistency, and at worst to potentially serious misunderstandings.


We can manage your foreign-language terminology for you:

  • Trados Multiterm

  • Across crossTerm

  • DejaVu Termbase

  • Transit Term Star

Confidentiality and security

Maintaining client confidentiality is a central priority within all our client relationships. Translation memories are always client-specific and are never shared between different clients. As with all our client data they are securely stored, maintained and regularly backed up on our servers. To request a copy of our confidentiality policy contact


If you have a translation project in the pipeline and would like to discover how CAT technology could benefit you and help save costs, our Project Management team would be happy to advise you. Or alternatively,

Translation services

Over the years we’ve developed a range of translation services to accommodate any translation requirements you might have, both into and from English.


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