Translations For The Rail Industry

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Working into a wide variety of languages we offer the following main styles of marketing translation, which can be briefly summarised as:

General marketing document translation

Stylish idiomatic marketing translation to enhance your corporate profile in worldwide markets. Our translators will faithfully reproduce the content of your original document giving priority to creating an attractive and readable style in the target text.

  • Large scale bids and proposals
  • Rail sector sales & marketing collateral
  • PR & corporate identity
  • Press releases, case studies & newsletter

Depending on your readership, your technical literature has to strike the right balance between readability and conveying rail concepts accurately. We have translators and proof readers with advanced technical writing skills in a wide range of technologies.

Technical document translation

  • Technical and sales literature
  • User & operating manuals
  • Large scale bid documentation
  • Technical reports
  • Technical case studies
  • Promotional presentations

Case study

A German manufacturer of rail fastening systems needed a selection of product brochures and product data sheets translating into 6 European languages plus Chinese, Japanese and Korean within maximum 2 weeks. In all there were 24 documents of 3-8 pages each.

The fastening systems are designed for both slab track and conventional ballasted track and are bespoke to the varying rail environments and project requirements in each of the countries. Using its rail sector multilingual term base combined with sector, patent and competitor research, AST was able to use the correct terminology in the 9 languages for the different product types and their technical operating environments.

The project was turned around in 8 working days, giving the client 2 days for in-country proofing of the translations. The client’s verdict: “translations and terminology used were more or less spot on. We were relieved that so few corrections had to be made by our local partner”.

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