Outi Tolppa

Translator Resources Manager


I ended up working in the translation industry while still studying at UEA through speculatively ā€“ and successfully – applying for a work placement in an agency in Derbyshire. After graduating with a BA in English and Comparative Literature & Swedish in 2001, I worked for two years for another translation company in Derby. I then went down a completely different path for 8 years, working in a technical call centre in various roles – most recently as Team Leader ā€“ before joining AST in May 2013. I love this industry for its mix of characters, skills, and talents, and Iā€™m extremely lucky to be interacting daily with like-minded ā€“ and very clever! – people, both my in-house colleagues and external contacts. My languages are Finnish, English and Swedish, and I also have good understanding of a few other European languages.