Erato Mygdaliou

Digital Marketing Specialist


My studies in the field of Psychology came as a result of my desire to understand human behaviour. The rapid development of electronic and digital culture along with its dramatic effect on behaviour made me realize that Media Psychology and a career in marketing is what I wanted to pursue. After completing my MA in Film, TV & Screen Industries at the University of Nottingham, I travelled across Europe and Asia and gained experience by taking part in a number of events and film productions – this helped me build a broad skillset including content creation and promotion as well as video production and editing.

As a UK citizen who was born in Germany with Greek ancestry, I have inevitably ended up loving languages which is why I speak Greek, German and English. I am also currently improving my Italian. I joined AST in 2018 to help the company attract more clients by redesigning and communicating their brand based on a newly crafted marketing strategy.