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MT Post-Editing is a translation service that was designed to support companies who require extremely fast or high-volume turnarounds. We can work with translated text generated by the client’s machine translation plug-ins or APIs and eliminate any linguistic errors & omissions. 

The rise of technology and subsequently the use of online tools and plug-ins like Google and Bing translators has created controversy among the business world as to whether companies should use those applications when they require something translated for high-quality business purposes, such as client-facing documentation.  To help you assess the role that online MT or MT APIs could have in meeting your translation needs, we’ve put together a simple risk/benefit analysis:


Benefits of online Machine Translation

  • Fast and convenient “gist” translation

  • Free / low price service

  • Easily accessed via desktop PC and mobile phone

  • Simple translation process for online content and smaller documents

  • Suitable for non business-critical internal communications

  • Suitable for instantaneous social and leisure translations

Risks of online Machine Translation

  • Relies purely on a database of sentences and phrases enhanced by linguistic rules

  • Often only finds the closest translation available, increasing the risk of errors & omissions

  • Can dilute your brand and message through incorrect tone and style

  • Doesn’t “understand” your industry

  • Doesn’t know the specialist words and terminology used in your industry

  • Stores your content on public cloud servers with no guarantee of data security

  • No guarantee of accuracy, and no professional liability in the event of problems

Our service

Opt for professional MT Post-Editing

For non-business-critical content, AST provides a post-editing service for machine-translated texts. For an agreed budget a professional translator in the required language(s) will work through the MT output correcting the most critical errors and improving readability. Our MT post-editing work is carried out in accordance with the industry standard ISO 18587:2017.

Please bear in mind however that the risks listed above will always remain to a greater or lesser extent. For many translation projects, the professional translation will be the better option in terms of fitness-for-purpose and added value.



If you have an MT Post Editing enquiry, our project managers will be happy to help.

Here's a small sample of reviews from our many satisfied customers:


Jill Bennett
I was really impressed with AST Language Services. They were extremely quick to respond, the information and quote they provided was very clearly laid out, and the turnaround of the work was far quicker than I expected. I would not hesitate to use them again.


Newson Gale Ltd
Excellent customer service and fast turnaround of translations. For every job you are kept up to date with delivery times and the portal is a great asset to easily upload and control documents for each project.


George Schlich
We have been using AST for several years now, and are completely happy with the translations and the timings and costs.

quality assurance

Quality assurance

Our translation services are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and the translation services standard ISO 17100:2015.

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