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If you are planning your next meeting overseas, attending an international conference, or just need to teleconference with your foreign-language business partners then we can help with our range of interpreting solutions.

Consecutive interpreting means that the delegate and the linguist speak in turns; the interpreter takes notes for up to 5 minutes and uses these to convey the delegate’s speech. This form of interpreting is more time consuming than simultaneous, but requires no special equipment to carry out. It is commonly used in court proceedings and smaller conferences, meetings with a lot of technical content, field trips etc.

Ad-hoc interpreting is useful in meetings where one or two of the attendees do not have full confidence in their ability to understand or speak the main language of the meeting. In this case the interpreter is there to offer support as and when needed to clarify a point.

Simultaneous interpreting means that the speaker and the linguist are speaking at the same time, which makes this form of interpreting very effective in large, multinational conferences and meetings. The interpreter is located in a sound-proof booth speaking into a microphone, which is then transmitted to the relevant delegates through a headset. Each language has its own channel so there is no interference. It is standard practice to have two interpreters in one booth so that they can support each other by taking turns.

Telephone interpreting is the perfect solution when you need an interpreter unexpectedly or urgently. Read more here.

Our process

All our interpreters are qualified linguists and have extensive knowledge and experience in the field that they work in. They will prepare for each assignment by studying any reference material and terminology relevant to your business. They have all signed confidentiality/NDA agreements.

If you have a need for interpreting services we would like to hear about it and discuss how we could help

Here's a small sample of reviews from our many satisfied customers:


Tom Walters, The Dairy Agency
The team at AST Language Services were great at responding to our request and coming back to us with the options available in a timely manner. Our translation project was completed quickly and was correct first time - resulting in a happy client at the end of the job. I would recommend AST Language Services to businesses looking for a diligent and friendly team to partner with on any future translation projects.


Janet Cordner, Jackson Reece
The team at AST Language Services are extremely efficient at delivering accurate translation of a wide range of languages. I urgently needed translation of Spanish, Arabic and Canadian French text for a project. Highly recommend AST Language Services. Professional and fabulous to work with!


Daryl Willett, Sirenum
Professional, Responsive and Friendly. I recently worked with AST and they were quick to respond & offered competitive rates vs. other companies. I picked AST as we shared similar visions with regards to work ethics, company policies and being able to meet the deadline. I was extremely impressed with the translation and surprised that they were able to deliver such a large project in a short space of time, ensuring that I meet my deadlines.
I would strongly recommend using AST - they use native speaker translators which helps when trying to understand your audience and is just a pleasant experience. You won't regret working with them.


Interpreting support to Progress Rail

Read how one of our larger clients recently benefited from our conference interpreting services:

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