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International Tenders, Bids & Proposals


Our tenders translation service is designed to support the needs of companies bidding for large international projects and contracts.

If you’re a contractor or OEM considering bidding for international contracts, you will probably be faced with a multi-step process looking something like this:

1) Locate suitable tenders that contain business requirements or needs for your strategic product or service

2) Occasionally you’ll encounter local language tender invitations that you’ll need to translate into English to make sure you have all the information required

3) Familiarise yourself with the tender’s evaluating criteria

4) Create a clear response to the RFP, RFQ or RFI that contains all the requested information and then translate it into the relevant local language

5) Pass the due diligence stage

6) Provide your counterparty with any additional information and/or clarifications they request

7) Monitor the process and be sure to follow up in order to demonstrate high levels of engagement and commitment to winning the project

What translation services might you need for international tenders, bids and proposals?

To support you through the process we offer translation for:

  • Tender invitations and tender bids/offers

  • RFP (request for proposal) and response to an RFP

  • RFQ (request for quotation) and response to an RFQ

  • RFI (request for information) and response to an RFI

  • Supporting documentation and appendices

  • Presentations and multi-media content

  • Due diligence material

  • Financial accounts

  • Communications (e.g. email, letter, skype/phone call)

What’s the added value AST can offer?

From a simple search, you’ll probably identify a handful of translation companies that can provide a basic translation of the aforementioned documents. What we do differently is that we have invested time in understanding the challenges involved in writing bids for international contracts and have developed translation services that will help you win your bid.

We understand the power words can have and how clear communication can make or break a deal, which is why we will choose a translator that specialises in your industry sector. The translator will then take time to become familiar with your company’s products or services and brand messaging. As a result, the translation will adhere to your company’s terminology and tone of voice and will communicate your strengths and USP.

We understand how challenging and time consuming this process can be for you. With this in mind, we support you throughout the process by providing a dedicated project manager to your project. Then our project manager will familiarise him or herself with the needs and requirements of your project. Whether it’s an official long response to an RFP, or a short email response to an additional enquiry the tenderer might have, we’ll ensure the translation is ready when you need it, is well-written, and will achieve your goals.

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Here's a small sample of reviews from our many satisfied customers:


Jill Bennett
I was really impressed with AST Language Services. They were extremely quick to respond, the information and quote they provided was very clearly laid out, and the turnaround of the work was far quicker than I expected. I would not hesitate to use them again.


Newson Gale Ltd
Excellent customer service and fast turnaround of translations. For every job you are kept up to date with delivery times and the portal is a great asset to easily upload and control documents for each project.


George Schlich
We have been using AST for several years now, and are completely happy with the translations and the timings and costs.

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