Public Sector & Charities Translations

Case Study

A regional council department requested translation services from the team at AST. Working to support ethnic communities the client required translation of educational schools literature into a number of community languages. AST has a large group of professional freelance translators to call upon and was able to deliver an efficient and cost-effective service to the client.


Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Council

Translations of education & schools info leaflets into multiple community languages.

We work with a wide range of minority ethnic communities in Nottingham and this means that we frequently have to provide literature in many different languages. AST Language Services has always been able to meet our requirements efficiently and at competitive rates. They are a user-friendly service with a genuine interest in understanding the needs of their clients.

We have additional client relationships in this sector which we are not permitted to disclose due to supplier non-disclosure agreements. To request a copy of our Confidentiality Policy please email