HR Translations

With the integration of a parent company and its new overseas subsidiary come the challenges of foreign language communication. Translation services can support the integration of parent company processes and help the newly acquired overseas employees to better understand any communication from the new parent company in their native language.

Translation requirements arising from corporate integration:

  • The company business culture document
  • Sales, operations, finance, IT processes
  • Corporate business plans
  • Company newsletters
  • HR policies, job descriptions, internal correspondence, employment contracts, interview reports
  • HR recruitment process documentation
  • Personnel recruitment ads
  • PR & corporate identity
  • Internal correspondence

Language and cultural barriers are minimised by making good quality translation readily available in these areas.


Hayssen Sandiacre

Hayssen Sandiacre

Hayssen Sandiacre is a global manufacturer of flexible packaging systems that fill and bag thousands of food products

Over the past year I would say we have been fully satisfied with your services and that we will continue to use AST in the future.

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