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Case Study

Our client, Newson Gale, has supplied static control systems to the hazardous area processing industries for over 30 years. Their sector base includes chemical and petrochemical manufacturing and distribution; pharmaceutical and clean room processes; paints, coatings, solvents manufacturing and distribution; food and beverage production and distribution. Operating from sites in the UK, North America and Germany Newson Gale’s overseas sales account for more than 75% of the company’s output. Such is their growth into overseas markets that in 2011 the company was awarded the ‘Achievement in International Business’ award by the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce.

AST has worked with the client for some time. Past projects have included translations of user instruction manuals and data sheets for their successful range of static control products. We have also translated the company’s Applications Handbook as well as the company newsletter, into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish.

Case Study

John Hogg Technical Solutions has recently awarded a significant multilingual translation project to AST Language Services.  John Hogg Technical Solutions, a former winner of the Queen’s Award for Industry,  is a leading manufacturer of solvent soluble dyes and marker chemicals for the international petroleum industry.  With the company headquarters in Manchester, they have production facilities in Asia, as well as the UK and have exported to over 70 countries over the past 30 years.

The company offers a wide range of dyes and markers to meet specific fiscal and customer requirements worldwide. The unique benefit derived from many of JHTS products enables their customers to comply with regulations drawn up by national or regional authorities, and to protect their products from fuel tax fraud, counterfeiting and smuggling.

JHTS required the services of a reputable language agency to supply translations of their DYEGUARD® and SUDAN® Material Safety Data Sheet. This particular project demanded the ability to offer accurate and reliable translation of highly technical chemicals industry concepts and terminology into German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Polish and Portuguese.  Established for over 15 years , AST has developed special expertise within the chemical engineering sector. When highly complex technical documents are required, AST has a strong team of native translators and independent proofreaders at the ready to meet the exacting needs of this industry.

AST put together a team of native speakers as well as in-house project managers. They worked closely with the client’s team, designing a workflow to ensure efficient and consistent translation. It was important that each translation comply with the CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances) Regulations, the Guidance on the Compilation of Safety Data Sheets, the standardised R/S (Risk and Safety) Phrases and the H(azard) and P(recaution) phrases.  As an additional safeguard, AST appointed a specialist translator who previously worked in the Chemical/Dye manufacturing industry as an advisor to this project.

This project made use of the benefits offered by Translation Memory, which collected standardised phrases to ensure that preferred wordings for each language were adopted in each document.  This ‘TM’ is now ready for future projects with JHTS.  Also preferred sources of approved terminology were used by the team of translators, again ensuring the most consistent and precise translation would be achieved.


Newson Gale

Newson Gale

Leading supplier of static control systems to the hazardous area processing industries.

Translation of website, user instruction manuals and data sheets, newsletters.

I have found AST’s response time, translation quality and customer service to be of a high standard. Projects have always been delivered on time and as our business is moving more and more into overseas markets it is important that we have dedicated partners we can rely on and trust. Newson Gale - has worked with AST for the last 3 years

John Hogg Technical Solutions

John Hogg Technical Solutions

John Hogg Technical Solutions, a former winner of the Queen’s Award for Industry,  is a leading manufacturer of solvent soluble dyes and marker chemicals for the international petroleum industry.  Operations Manager at John Hogg,  Mick Goodwin was pleased with the work done by AST.

Thank you for the translations. We have been delighted with all of the translations you have done for us. Should we require any more ( & I'm sure we will) I will be in touch.