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Hayssen Sandiacre, a Barry Wehmiller company, is just one of the global companies who have been supported by the AST team for their HR translations for years. Hayssen Sandiacre is a global manufacturer supporting national as well as international Food & Drink manufacturers with flexible packaging systems that fill and bag thousands of food products.

" Over the past year I would say we have been fully satisfied with your services and that we will continue to use AST in the future. "

Human Resources marketplace

Today’s busy human resources departments have to deal with an ever-increasing volume of personnel-related documentation. This situation is made even more complex following an investment in new overseas facilities, or when a parent company acquires a new overseas subsidiary. When challenges of foreign language communication arise, professional translation services can support the integration of parent company processes and help the newly acquired overseas employees better understand communications from the new parent company by providing them in their native language.

HR translation needs

To overcome these obstacles and communicate effectively, it’s important to invest in building a strong long-lasting relationship with a quality certified translation partner able to accommodate the translation requirements arising from corporate integration:

  • Company business culture document

  • HR policies, job descriptions, internal correspondence, employment contracts, interview reports, HR recruitment process documentation

  • Personnel recruitment ads

  • Sales, operations, finance, IT processes

  • Corporate business plans

  • Company newsletters

  • PR & corporate identity

  • Internal correspondence

To achieve this AST has implemented the following:

  • Has invested in an internal IT department that monitors upcoming technology trends and innovations while overseeing the development of in-house solutions that improve efficiency and communication among staff

  • Uses technology solutions like TM (translation memory software) to increase consistency and decrease turnarounds while saving costs for the client

  • Secured an additional seal of quality, that of the international translation standard ISO 17100:2015, which means your texts will be translated by an experienced native-speaker translator who is an expert in the relevant field and then revised by a second native speaker with the same credentials

  • Has built a highly specialised in-house team that will spend the time familiarising themselves with your company’s tone of voice to make sure the translation is consistent and adheres to your communication guidelines

  • Will assign you a dedicated project manager to better understand your needs, process requirements and expectations in order to improve translation quality and consistency, and achieve overall client satisfaction

Regardless of your HR department’s size or the scale of your translation project we’re always looking to partner with busy HR teams that are seeking fresh translation talent to manage their international challenges.

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