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We’ve created the AST Translation Guide, a PDF handbook specially designed to help you assess different translation service providers. Read on for an overview of our essential tips for establishing an excellent translation partnership and don’t forget to download our free guide for more key advice.


Content that speaks your customers’ languages


If you wish to widen your market, presenting content to your customers in their native language not only guarantees your information is fully understood, but also ensures your customers trust your brand and can relate to it.


Lost in translation


Rather than translating text literally, good translators aim to localise and translate the marketing message and brand-defining features of your content to appeal to different regions, maximising the value of the marketing strategy you’ve spent time and money developing. You need to be sure your translation partner understands your objectives and business focus so they can reflect this in your translated content to make individualised, brand-orientated text.


Selecting the best translator


When you work with a translation partner that understands your needs, they can do the hard work for you in terms of selecting the right translators with the relevant specialist knowledge and style to generate accurate, expert texts with the appropriate register for your target audience. Good translation companies will liaise with you throughout a project and they can even put you in contact with the translators if required so you can work together to produce the best possible content.


The cost of translation


Be wary of cheap translation quotes. A quality translation partner will quote you a price which includes careful selection of expert translators and proofreaders, and project processing carried out to accredited quality standards. If required, the cost may also include desk top publishing and print-proofing services.


What to avoid


  • Misapplied machine translation – while machine translation can be extremely useful in certain circumstances, when it comes to producing accurate, well written translations, human translators achieve the best results.
  • Choosing cheap translation services – you get what you pay for! Translation agencies which offer suspiciously cheap services are probably cutting corners somewhere such as using unqualified or non-native translators or skimping on proofreading and quality management.
  • Working directly with freelance translators – the best translation partners use carefully optimised processes that freelancers alone cannot offer, such as independent proofreading and editing. Agencies also have access to a wide range of translators with different areas of technical expertise.
  • Skipping proofreading – don’t be tempted to save money by foregoing a review or asking a non-translator to check translated work. Skilled proofreaders not only focus on readability, their job is to compare the translation with the source text to prevent any errors or omissions, however tiny, from slipping through.


Choosing the right translation partner


Translation companies with ISO 9001 accreditation can demonstrate high standards in terms of processes, resources, staff vetting and client relationship management. You should also look out for agencies which meet ISO 17100, the international standard for translation and proofreading. Make sure your translation partner meets strict data protection and client confidentiality standards, such as the ISO 9001 regulations. If relevant, check that the agency is comfortable handling NDA agreements.


Finally, be sure to choose a well-established translation service provider who specialises purely in translation and has extensive experience in your industry. You can request client references and case studies to verify this and check the quality of their client relationships and translation and proofreading services. High-quality translation partners will also be able to offer extensive translation technology services to help clients achieve maximum consistency and save costs. For more information on this, see our blog post here.


Download the AST Translation Guide


We hope our mini guide has been helpful. For more information on the translation process, translation quality and how to choose the best translation partner for your company, take a look at our other blog posts and download your free copy of the Translation Guide now.


AST prides itself on offering high-quality translations and cares about its client relationships. We make sure we meet all the above criteria so our clients can count on us for exceptional services and a pleasant collaborative experience. Contact us now for information on how we could help with your next translation project or for a free quote.

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