Self-service translation platform with MT support

Forward-thinking companies are increasingly turning to self-service translation platforms to translate their digital content. A well-designed online platform can hand almost complete control of all aspects of the translation process back to the client’s translation, marketing or export department. If this sounds like you, our partnership with a leading localization platform will offer you the best of all worlds – a completely online self-service environment, machine translation support, and the confidence of working with an established premium-quality language service provider.

Why use a self-service translation platform with MT support?

Using an online translation platform is an easy and hands-off way for you to keep on top of your foreign language digital content. The platform will automatically import and export your content, so there’s no emailing involved for you. New and edited source content is automatically detected and sent to your translation team. Updates to your content are then automatically duplicated in all the languages you host (again, requiring zero input from you).

Finally, you have complete control over which translation process you use – MT or human. You can opt for fast, low-cost machine translation for standard content, with or without human post-editing. Or full human translation and proofreading for high-visibility content, when only optimum readability, corporate tone and/or 100% accuracy will do.


Why use AST rather than freelance translators?

AST is a quality-certified language provider that keeps a careful eye on the latest developments in translation technology and AI. Selecting us to manage your content through a self-service translation platform means combining the cost-effectiveness of machine translation and the automatic features of an online platform with the quality and reliability of a traditional translation company.

Unlike freelance translators, our experienced Project Management team can seamlessly handle unlimited languages simultaneously. We provide a human project overview right down to important yet easily overlooked details, such as ensuring that translator queries and customer responses are handled consistently across all language versions.


Here’s a sample review from a client that recently used our self-service translation platform:

We used the platform to translate our website into Simplified Chinese, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Most of the content was MT-translated and post-edited, with human translation reserved only for business-critical content such as case studies and legal T&Cs. AST did the MT post-editing and human translation and provided support with a number of recurring quality issues we experienced in the machine-translated sections. We were very impressed with the platform and level of service offered by AST, and are now satisfied our ever-changing product catalogue is professionally displayed in all languages on our website. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend AST and their self-service translation platform and look forward to working with them again in the future.

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