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Curious about translation platforms or “self-service” translation?

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Part 1 – what’s it all about?

Maybe you’ve heard about translation platforms or are intrigued by the idea of “self-service” translation but don’t know how they work or what benefits they can offer? We’re here to provide all the answers! In this blog series, we’ll be exploring translation platforms and whether they’re right for you. But in this first part, let’s see what these platforms are and how they work.

What is a self-service translation platform?

Translation platforms are an alternative to translation services via a traditional agency or translation company. They allow companies to add content for translation directly into the platform via a web browser, select and co-ordinate a translation team and service and manage the translation process themselves (self-service).

Interested in machine translation (MT)?

Most translation platforms include an MT service, where the platform uses machine translation technology to automatically translate the customer’s content. This is an extremely fast and cost-effective translation service. Since MT rarely results in a completely flawless and refined result, many platforms also offer a combined MT and human post-editing service. This is ideal for cases where improved readability, a more polished result and/or better accuracy are needed. For more information about MT, why not check out our blogs on the matter?

Need to translate a website or app?

Platforms support a variety of file types for translation. This means your content can be translated in the format it’s being developed in or will be published in. For websites or e-commerce, this might be a CMS (content management system). For apps and software, some platforms include API (application programming interface) integration, so the text from the program is translated directly in the interface used to create it. And, of course, translating standard text documents with translation platforms is usually simple and straightforward.

Want to stay in the driving seat for your translation projects?

Self-service translation platforms are starting to be taken more seriously by forward-thinking companies seeking the best approach for translating their digital content. A well-designed online platform can hand almost complete control of all aspects of the translation process back to your translation, marketing or export department. You can handpick your translators (freelancers or small agencies) and keep in close contact with them to give background knowledge and instruct them on how you want the final product to turn out. Of course, the time and resources involved in managing these aspects of the translation process in-house should not be underestimated.

To sum up

So, is a translation platform right for you? It’s really a matter of how much involvement you’d like to have in your translation project. If you have the time and resources and prefer to control almost every aspect of the process, a translation platform can be a hands-on and direct way of engaging translation services, and can be a cost-effective solution when combined with MT.
If you want to find out more, come back soon to discover the range of platforms out there and how to find the perfect solution for your translation needs!