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The changing role of translation agencies

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With UK service exports totalling well over £160 billion1 a year and service exports to Europe, Asia and other non-English-speaking markets among the fastest growing, it’s no wonder that savvy service providers are increasingly viewing translation as a sound investment. Perceptions are shifting: English may have become the world’s pre-eminent business language, but companies are now seeing that their power to go global can be enhanced by having a pro-active translation strategy. So, how can your translation partner really add value?


It’s all about understanding

While this may sound like a typical golden rule of business, it’s never been more important. With so many translation agencies offering the same services, it’s hard for translation buyers to know who to opt for. One way around this is ensuring that you’re really adding value – and not just focussing on translation.

Language professionals have the skills and insights that our clients need. The reason they’re coming to us in the first place is because they need help breaking down the language barrier and the truth is that there’s a lot more to that than just words. While of course words do play a major part, cultural insights and business perspective make a world of difference. It’s this perspective your translation partner should be willing to share, which means adding an extra layer to the translation proposition.


Why translation matters

Global brands with in-house localization departments know first-hand just how important localization is. But for those companies just starting off on their international journey, how do we explain why translation matters? The Common Sense Advisory published a brilliant statistic showing that if a consumer doesn’t speak English, they’re 90% less likely to buy from an English website. Not only that, your brand’s image has to be portrayed in a way that resonates with a local audience. This does not mean local as in where you, the boss, are! So, as an industry we’re having to shift the way we sell and prove that translation really does add value, and it’s not just another expense.


Final thoughts?

It’s tough to put the shift in translation buyer behaviour into words. However, by following these insights you’ll be on the right track. Remember – when dealing with translation services it’s not just about translating from one language to another. It’s also about buying added value and strengthening your proposition.


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