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Project management in the translation industry: How to work more efficiently

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Project management in the translation industry can be quite challenging. Various deadlines in one day, reduced capacity, a rush of translation enquiries to place… Here are a project manager’s tips to help you work more efficiently.


Project management in the translation industry: Where to start

There’s no better time than the present. As anyone who’s worked in an office will know, there are times when you are faced with piles of paperwork, and it can be difficult to decide where to start — but procrastinating isn’t going to get things finished any sooner. One thing I find useful is to set myself mini deadlines and clear boundaries so I know what I’m working towards and when.


Helpful tips

We at AST welcome a challenge and thrive on a busy workload. Prioritising tasks is something I have found to be very important and it can be extremely rewarding when you deal with something successfully — I’ve found that focusing on the three most pressing tasks first of all and putting the others to one side is a manageable way of keeping stress down, and you can keep replacing those three things until the list is finished.


Don’t get caught in a trap

A common misconception is that productivity is all about finishing things as quickly as possible but, as we all know, slow and steady wins the race. In this industry, it’s important to find a happy medium. Your team is there to help you and you soon find out what works best for you.


How your environment can help you thrive

It isn’t always about to-do lists but often getting to know yourself and how you work best. Are you a visual person? Do you prefer to speak and listen rather than read and write? Find out where your strengths lie to optimise your productivity. I personally keep my desk very tidy and stocked up with post-it notes at all times, others might use planners and others don’t need to make notes at all. What we do best at AST is efficiency — whether that’s through delegating tasks, consistently reviewing our processes to work smarter or knowing how we personally best manage our workloads.


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