Quality Assurance

We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and the translation services standard ISO 17100:2015. To view our quality policy please click here.

Our general approach can be summarised as follows:

Efficient and Reliable Processes

The objective is to combine people and technology to produce the most efficient workflow, whilst maintaining top quality translation. Efficiency in our office operations means that we can respond to your requirements fast and can provide more cost-effective solutions for you.

However, every project is different, and larger less familiar types of project may seem to present a daunting challenge initially. Our approach is to think carefully about all aspects of the workflow required before commencing and subdivide the project into manageable stages, which can then be delegated to the right people and managed with the appropriate technology.

Qualified and Professional Team

Although computer technology can be utilised to speed up or fully automate workflow, translation remains an essentially intellectual process which requires a high level of human involvement!

This means that our quality and service is all about our people, and we devote considerable resources to translator recruitment and the training of our office staff, based in Nottingham, in the East Midlands.

Similarly, many of our translators have been providing us with excellent translations for many years. New recruits, who have to have at least 3 years experience of freelance translating, are carefully selected and then trialled over a period of six months before they are finally invited to join our team.

Fast and Secure Technology

In addition to the high-speed broadband connection and gigabit computer network that you might expect from a leading translation company, we make extensive use of Translation Memory Software which can significantly reduce translation cost, decrease delivery times for large scale translation/localisation projects and improve consistency in use of terminology.

Confidentiality and Security

Maintaining client confidentiality is a central priority within all our client relationships. All client data is securely stored, maintained and regularly backed up on our servers.

To request a copy of our confidentiality policy contact office@astls.co.uk